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doll-aboutWelcome to Digital Dorkette Dolls!

As a gift for your first visit, please go and download a free Digital Dorkette Paper Doll .

Soon this site will be your one-stop online shopping center for digital paper dolls (or DigiDolls as I call them), as well as remastered vintage paper dolls, and other vintage and new ephemera & artwork by me, Lynetta Simington, AKA the Digital Dorkette.

The online store will officially open soon.
Making Paper People is my passion, but right now I still need to pay the bills. My “real job” as a digital designer isn’t allowing time to dig into my dreams at the moment, but please stay tuned.

Every Day will soon be like Halloween at Digital Dorkette Dolls.
In this virtual space I am little miss Dr. Frankenstein to my paper people & monsters. I’ve always been heavily influenced and inspired by spooky (yet friendly) vintage illustrations and creations by artists like Edward Gorey, and by filmmakers like Tim Burton and David Lynch. You can expect lots of enchantingly creepy, kooky, crazy cool stuff of that ilk on this site.


  • Currently, I finished up a custom project for a client where I designed DigiDolls inspired by the FX series, American Horror Story: Coven. This super terrific, gracious (and beautiful, I might add) client said she didn’t mind if I also offered them for sale on my site. I asked the Magic 8 Ball if that would be soon and it said, “Signs point to yes.” So, I’ll keep you posted.
  • Next Halloween, I will be offering a Doll House of Horror collection featuring devilish doll characters from scary movies like Claudia from Interview with the Vampire, or Samara from the Ring. These devilish dolls were  in the works last Halloween when extremely malevolent, supernatural (I’m sure) technical difficulties prevented their release.

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In additions to spooky DigiDolls, expect to see:

    Personalized paper dolls for kids, weddings and special occasions. Available in digital format OR press quality prints ready for your own custom printing. Printing through VistaPrint may be available upon request.
    Retouched, refurbished, out-of-print classics repackaged and resold at vintage prices.
    Vintage and mid-century inspired artwork and scrapbook-related packages offered in press-ready digital format to print or do with as you please.

Drop me a line with suggestions for products or to request a personal commission. If you are interested in seeing other personal and professional projects, please visit:

You can find other digital design & doll-related goodies at:


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