About the Digital Dorkette

about-me-img2My name is Lynetta Simington, AKA the Digital Dorkette. I am the owner and designer of Digital Dorkette Dolls, or Dr. Frankenstein to my paper people & monsters.

I’m a bookish broad with glasses, in love with digital design & electronica. I freelance as a graphic communications designer in St. Louis, MO, and I have an extensive background in design and marketing.

Digital communication design is my forte, but making paper people is my passion. I plan to offer collections of paper dolls based on characters from novels, movies and TV for this site, as well as personalized paper dolls for weddings and special occasions. I’ll also be adding other creative digitalia like invitations, portraits, paintings and scrap materials.

Right now I’m working to complete the whole Doll House of Horror collection, featuring devilish doll characters from scary movies like Claudia from Interview with the Vampire, or Samara from the Ring.

Sometimes I wish every day were Halloween. I’m heavily inspired by spooky (yet friendly) vintage illustrations by artists like Edward Gorey, and by filmmakers like Tim Burton and David Lynch. So expect lots of enchantingly creepy, kooky, crazy cool stuff of that ilk on the site.

Drop me a line with your suggestions for products or to request a personal commission at help@digitaldorkettedolls.com

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